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      I’m fortunate to live a wonderful, fulfilling life and travel as I please, at least up until the covid,
      the one thing missing is a loving FLR.

      I am a strong, intelligent Woman very sensual with a hedonistic lust for life.
      I am a Goddess and deserve to be treated like one!
      I know what I want and how to get you to beg to do it 😉
      I have had FLR’s of levels varying between 1-4 TPE and find that the higher levels works best.

      I am good looking, well educated MSc, well traveled, capable and confident. I run my own business and travel extensively. I lead a healthy lifestyle and enjoy the finer things in life. I’m seeking a cuck who has a similar lifestyle.

      I’m strict but fair. With me as your Goddess, you will know where you belong.

      you will be a successful professional or business owner, articulate, intelligent, clean and free from personal rancour as my world is beautiful and I seek to keep it as such.

      I expect a polite message mentioning your previous experience, your current situation as well as the level of FLR you are looking for.

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      Hello Miss, i am chris 43 from michigan seeking a very high level FLR. Even beyond level 4 if that were possible. Im very committed to female supremacy and long to live in total service to a wonderful dominant woman. Would you be willing to consider me? I offer total obedience and loyalty. Im single, no kids. And willing to relocate if it is your wish. If interested text me at 313-324-6105, i hope to hear from you!

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      Hi, I’ll text you and sign with M for MyLady

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      Lady Rose: I am now in Calgary, Canada, I decided to stay here while covid calms down. I’m looking worldwide for a suitable sub/slave for FLR so email me and we can get to know each other while we wait for the borders to open up again.


      Lady Rose

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      I saw your ad. I am very excited that Aboutflr.com has returned. I don’t know why it dropped off the earth. In its prior life, I had already downloaded and read all the male articles. That is why I am actively seeking a trues relationship.


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      Dear Goddess Lady Rose, i live in Chicago and would love to hear from You. i am single with no baggage like kids or ex-wives. i seek a level 3 or 4, i would love to hear from You. i have been in a FLR for five years that ended ten years ago. i can travel or relocate easily. i hope to hear from You.

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      Lady Rose,

      You sound quite intriguing. Are you still looking?

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      Be interesting to live up in Canada hmmm. Love to know more about that country. Have watched a few things from there the last 18 months or so. Just wanted to say hi to you Goddess. 🙂

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      Yes Goddess, as you wish Goddess, What is your pleasure ? Warm sunshine by the poolside at the Mandalay Bay ? While I bring you a refreshing drink ? Do you like a view ? And a Desert Lake Oasis Camp under the Stars ? Call me one of your ! 209 206 8646

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      Hello LadyRose i am located in Scottsdale,AZ, successful, single 51, no kids, never married and new to FLR.I would like to get to a lvl 4 but ease my way into it.Not desperate but wanting this type of relationship and more.If you have an email adress this would be great.As of now the borders are still closed and hopefully Trudeau will get things in gear.

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      Dear Lady Rose !
      I am norwegian, living and working as engineering consultant out of Copenhagen, speaking both english, french and german.
      Canada very much interests me as a place to settle, particularly if a Lady like you will have need of my services. If interested to know more about me, I will be glad to receive a hint.
      Sincerely Yours Johan

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      Dear Lady Rose,
      I am a white divorced male living in Central Kentucky , retired from
      Public Accounting. I live alone with 1 rescue dog, in my home, in Mount Sterling, KY.

      I am very new to this, as i have never been in a Female Led Relationship. However, I
      have been reading and find the subject fascinatingly very interesting. I am only
      interested in Fit beautiful women, of which You quite obviously check that requirement.

      I really do not want to relocate, but would be honored if you would consider relocating
      here to Kentucky with myself .
      I have just signed up here on this site, and not a full member, so probably my communication with you may be hampered somewhat.

      Thank you for you’re time and if interested, please let me know Maam , as I am very interested.

      Thank You,

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      I sent you a private message

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      I am a bit confused here.Who is sending me a private message? I do not see anything in my inbox and i will not post private info in a forum.Send me a message to my inbox please.

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      Greetings My Lady.

      I am south of Colorado Springs, CO. I am a mature but young at heart and mind 63 year old retired military and Registered Nurse currently (and almost complete) with my BSN. I am independent, homeowner and in a few months debt free except my home.

      I am adventurous in every sense of the word. In fact I just returned from Mexico last month after getting my scuba open water certification.

      I am seeking a full time relationship. With all that implies. If what I have to offer seems of interest to you, then please (smile) contact me.

      I anxiously await your response.


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      hello Ma’am.
      i am a submissive subservient male in Edmonton.
      single, 54 yrs old but young in appearance and above average fitness level.
      i do consider myself a natural born slave who’s rightful place is at the feet od a Dominant Woman.
      i have, for years now, had this deep desire to live my life as a full time real life slave.
      i hope we can talk and see if i may be the right slave for You.

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      Hi, I am Michael. I live in Arizona. I seek a level 4 FLR. I am semi-retired. I don’t own my own business but would gladly serve you and yours.


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      Hi Lady QUEEN I am a loving submessive gentelman and I seek a LT FLR. I have my own business and would gladly serve you wonderfull Lady QUEEN Goddess

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