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      Deceptively alpha female seeks alpha male for a lifetime of fulfillment. I’m tired of the boys, please God, bring me a man. I’m naturally dominant but still very much a lady. I appreciate a worldly dominant man who chooses to submit only to me. I value integrity (do what you say you’re going to do) and maturity with a bit of playfulness when it’s appropriate. I do not wish to be married, if that’s a deal breaker, sorry, but that is not my goal. I do not seek a husband, I seek a willing life partner that can stand on his own without me but chooses not to.

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      Hello Alice,

      I enjoyed reading your dating post. I appreciate that you are seeking a masculine man capable of taking care of himself. I am interested in a healthy long term relationship with the right Alpha woman. I am not the doormat type. I want a relationship based on mutual respect a single feel I have much to offer in the right relationship.

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      Hi I’m seeking a alpha women for the same reasons! I do not plan to get married but have a mature person on my side. Tho I do not tolerate her being with other people and stuff like that, need full commitments.

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