Currently in Columbia, Missouri. Not a permanent location.

I am a confident, mature woman. I know what I want and am not ashamed of my desires. I get turned on by and have a physical and psychological need to dominate men. I want to hear and feel the involuntary physical response that comes from a man who willfully and with full desire, submits to my corporeal attentions. I’m also very open minded and fun. Dating is hard, don’t think I’ll find that here, but you never know. Cinderella is looking for FLR with passion and romance. Despite being a dominant woman, I can become submissive when a man is doing the right things. HSV+ for over 25 years, no issues for me, but understand it freaks the hell out of some people.

I appreciate alpha type men. I enjoy having a partner that I can respect and admire as much as I want to be respected and admired. I believe a FLR is a relationship just the same, requiring contributions from both parties. My ultimate goal is to be happy and fulfilled and to have my partner feel the same.