i am already castrated as of October 1, 2022. i was become an voluntary eunuch,since then I am not a Mr. merely a G. or Gd. attis… Regardless, and already 5 years ago, i was without an erection due to an injury to my corpora cavernosa. i was harmless. i was romantic, i am romantic, but i don’t know if it will stay that way? Because i am going through a physical, mental, emotional and personality change. A new life, anyone can join me in the adventure… But i’m also welcome.

INFP, Aquarius
“Matriarchy is not the opposite of patriarchy, but a fairer way of organizing life.” Anna Boy√©: Antrop√≥loga y Fotoperiodista

“And the day came when the risk it took to remain tight inside the bud was more painful than the risk it took to blossom..” -Anais Nin

i am just waiting for a letter from a woman of my age (+-13 years).
i am an uncollared slave with several years of experience in level 4+ FLR and O/p and D/s and BDSM and cuckold R/relationships.

i am always committed and a romantic (should my future Owner/Mistress desire romantic love from me) and a true Gynarchyst beta slave.

i am 66 years old, Central European and currently live in Central Europe, but i have a hard time and are able to relocate if this is a necessary expectation.

i am irrevocably erection free. This is an enforced impotence for me.
The eunuch world came into my sight. i’m looking for they who’s looking for me. i have a wide range of interests, i am open to many things.