A woman’s guide to the benefits of a Female Led Relationship

A woman’s guide to the benefits of a Female Led Relationship

The benefits for women in FLR

     Women and men will get benefits from a female led relationship. They may either share benefits or have specific benefits for the women or the man. Of course the chief benefit is growing a relation towards your ideals and working together to get there.

“If you look at FLR it looks like the safest relationship a woman can have. She makes the rules, she sets the boundaries, she has final say and he both loves her and supports her in her role. In any other relationship women do not enjoy that kind of freedom or safety. This is a functional model for any woman who wants more control and less strife. There should be zero downside to female led relationships when entered into with open eyes and a whole heart between two people who love each other.”

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  • A varied and interesting sex life.
  • As much control over your relationship, him and your life together as you want.
  • Being able to be bitchy, angry and condescending without conflict.
  • Becoming a better lover to your mate.
  • Build a formal relationship agreement.
  • Expanding your leadership as you please.
  • Expanding your sex life as you please.
  • Get him to do as much of the housework as you like.
  • Greater respect from your mate.
  • Growing confidence as a leader.
  • Having a more confident man who knows the drill.
  • Helping him to become a better lover.
  • Helping him to improve his health and well being.
  • Helping him to stop bad habits.
  • Indulging in your kinks and his as you choose.
  • More intimacy as desired.
  • Nurturing as much or as little as you want.
  • Pampering from your man and receiving as much as you want.
  • Promoting togetherness, connection and relationship longevity.
  • Satisfaction of pleasing your lover.
  • Teach and create change as much as you want.
  • Work towards goals together.

The benefits for men in FLR

  • Indulge your fantasies.
  • Surrender to female authority.
  • Get closer to your mate by serving her body.
  • Become a better lover to your mate.
  • Remain confident by knowing the rules and consequences.
  • Knowing her expectations.
  • Express your willingness to submit.
  • Learning new things.
  • Helped in becoming a better lover.
  • Bring harmony to your family by serving.
  • Stop bad habits.
  • Encourage your mate as a successful leader.
  • Help normalize female led relationships.
  • Learn greater intimacy, connection and vulnerability.
  • Promote togetherness, connection and relationship longevity.
  • Work towards goals together.

Getting the benefits you want

     Set up your benefits as relationship goals by making hard and fast rules and traditions in your relationship agreement. You may need to negotiate trade offs. We recommend women be steadfast about not doing things that are just not in her nature. She should claim those things she wants for her man because that kind of position is good leadership.

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