I’ve considered perusing this type of relationship for a long time now, and have finally decided to throw caution to the wind, and act on it. I’ve done alot of research on this topic and have come to the conclusion that a relationship like this would be healthy and beneficial to me.
I appreciate the openness and honesty of it and like the idea of establishing rules of a relationship established in the beginning.

I’m really interested in engaging in an open dialogue with strong, intelligent, and assertive women that know what they want and have strong leadership skills. A woman that can take charge, and instill structure and discipline to my life. A woman that I connect with, and feel comfortable submitting to. I would reciprocate by giving my love, devotion, and obedience.
I’m very flexible and open minded. I’m about 5’10” and approximately 170 lbs. I live in the South Carolina coastal area. I can travel if need be.