I was born this way – I knew at puberty that I was sexually submissive and more recently realized I am what is now being called a beta boy. While being comfortable as a masculine, “normal” appearing and functioning male, I am also comfortable showing my respect and deference to women who lead, gladly following their power and control. My first sexual experiences were being dominated by a friend and my first relationships involved what I know realize were strong, dominant young women. In my 20’s I was fortunate to have a 7 year relationship with a wonderful woman that included kink with her as the dominant partner and being cuckolded. We called it an “open relationship” but I was never interested in being with another woman and accepted her right to have other lovers, with my support.
I am single, sane and healthy, with a slim build, 5 ft 6, 130 lbs. I appreciate other people who value intelligence, playfulness and creativeness, Before my accident I did Yoga daily, hiked and rode my bike a lot. I used to own restaurants (see my youtube link) and like to cook and entertain. I played in bands in my teens and still like to see live music and other live performances.

I like to volunteer in my community and living in Provincetown offered a lot of opportunities for that. I’ve recognized that I have a deep need to help, serve, support and empower others and am happiest when I have work, friends and a relationship that will take advantage of that part of my nature.

I’m at a turning point after a car crash, knee surgery and being isolated during the pandemic and am now finally ready for new opportunities. I’m looking for a new town to move to, new projects and hoping to meet a woman and start a Female Led Relationship that will be at least long term, or for life. Right now I’m open to moving anyplace where opportunity and luck brings me.