I am a submissive 60 year old male living in SW Florida, searching for a Dominant Lady to serve in a Female Led Marriage/ Relationship. I am employed in the healthcare/ medical field. I own my home, so relocation might be a problem. I would like to serve an educated, successful Lady Goddess in a total power exchange level 4 FLR/FLM. She control all areas of the relationship and make all final decisions. I would take on the role of the wife, domestically and sexually and take her last name in a FLR/ marriage as I am very submissive. The total power exchange and role reversal dynamic are what interests me about FLR/ FLM more so than the kink aspect. Although I do like the kink part of FLR/ FLM too, and am open to all kink including cuckolding and forced bi training, I know it is up to my Goddess to determine my sexuality. I am single, live by my self , no children. Not looking for an online paid tribute arrangement, looking for the real thing. Thank You.