I am a lifestyle Domme (been Dominant all my life, since before I had words for it really) in Boston, seeking a jewish (ideally) male sub, age 55-65. I would consider someone who is not jewish, but would prefer that he has had prior exposure to Judaism and, perhaps more importantly, Jewish culture.

My sub is my treasure and I want to make sure he is well taken care of. I am very sensual and enjoy many kinds of play. But I want to be clear that play (lovely as it might be) is just that… play. It is not the most important aspect of a D/s relationship. For me this is truly a lifestyle and not just a sexual preference or on-again-off-again thing. It is pervasive throughout my life with my sub.

I am very private and monogamous. I do not engage in groups or public play, and insist on a completely vanilla exterior. My sub is mine. I choose not to share him and prefer that his attentions and adoration be centered on me.

I seek 24/7 submission on a psychological level and physical submission at my whim. Of course, that is something that is built gradually over time in a relationship, once trust has been established. Mine is a loving, nurturing Domination. I am not a sadist, but am very strict. That is, I don’t believe in pain for the sake of pain alone, but I do believe in discipline and training, and there is certainly pain inherent in that. I am a firm believer in the value of domestic discipline, principally otk spanking with a hairbrush and corner time. I’m not really into anything extreme. It is perhaps true that one might describe the situation that I am looking for as more of a Female Led Relationship (FLR) than a more bdsm-centric kind of interaction.

I am seeking a man who is truly a pleaser….someone who finds that he derives much of his own fulfillment from pleasing his Domme, and from giving over control to her. I am not interested in some kind of mindless slave, but rather someone who is a person in his own right. He should have a mind and a sense of humor, and should not be afraid to use them at the appropriate times. I am looking for someone who will flourish under my guidance, not who seeks to lose himself in me. He needs to be able to be everything that I need and want him to be: my best friend, my lover, my houseboy, my personal servant, my sexual slave and more.

I am not looking for casual interactions, or for “play sessions”, but rather for my lifemate, with whom I hope to explore the ins and outs of D/s for the rest of our lives while living happily in the world at large. Please do not contact me if you are married or attached in any way.