I am a healthy and athletic mature male. I am masculine. I am confident in the things I do. I am handy with tools and such and I am a good housekeeper too. I hope to develop a FLR with a very confident woman. She will know how to be in charge and she expects to be served and obeyed.
I am naturally service oriented: a pleaser. This is very comfortable for me in a relationship. I put forth the effort to gain approval and to bring pleasure to the one in charge. I have some experience in this type of relationship. Pleasing a dominant partner is fulfilling for me. It gives me a sense of purpose, accomplishment and pride in jobs well done. Serving and obeying a woman in charge, the head of household, feels right to me. It makes me feel useful and happy. It is comfortable and natural. This is what I am supposed to be doing.
I don’t really believe that all women are superior to all men. However, I feel right with the world being in relationship with a woman whom I recognize as superior to me. In this way I am a believer in Female Supremacy.
I have my own value, power and confidence. In a relationship however, I feel more valuable on my knees in recognition of a greater power.
I don’t smoke or drink or use any drugs. These choices work well for me and have for many years. I am responsible and sane. I am active and hardworking. I like to recreate in various ways outdoors. I like good food, the arts and more.
Please tell me about yourself and about things that you like.