My thinking is there’s no black and white in this lifestyle so with that said I am in constant need of kinky discipline and am exhilarated by subtle public humiliation. I will trust and honor her decisions regarding clothes I’m allowed to wear, food I can eat, and kinks I must partake in, but may I ask, pretty, pretty please, may I have input into the kinks I like and pretty, pretty, please may I control my work and my own money if I promise to treat you like a Queen?
I live in Deerfield Beach, Fl. and own a 1 BR Condo in a retirement community. They have a lot of rules here, like; 55 or older, no kids, no pets, no smoking. So if you are not old enough and we click, we will have to make plans to meet here and soon thereafter move locally to a more suitable place for us.
I seek a life-mate whether we are married or not and have a Mom who is 97 living in the next town to me, so I can’t relocate presently. I am a futures trader but have not traded money since I began my research into how to decipher when the billionaires are making a move. I am very close now and once I’m there I will trade again. I have a small social security income, have qualified for food stamps, and share expenses with Mom who gets SSI as well, so I don’t owe anyone and have A1 excellent credit. If you have fu..kd up credit we should probably not get married so at least I will maintain a good FICO score. I have plans of investment for our future so that we can travel and still have income. I also have wanted to aim toward a second home in Boston, though I don’t know if that’s feasible yet with the real estate prices there.
I think this lifestyle is all in the mind and attitude reflects how well we can partake in it. I imagine someone who constantly laughs at my predicament yet still enforces the punishments and humiliation. I envision cleaning details and they would be kinky, however, large cleaning jobs are not kinky and a waste of time I could spend on business so I plan to hire a cleaning person for the general cleaning. This is only as exciting as our imagination will allow, so please be creative, devious, and kinky.
I am not a young man anymore, although I have a youthful look that runs in my Mother’s side of the family. For this reason, I have been studying holistic medicine like Traditional Chinese Medicine, Ayurveda, and something relatively new called Sujok therapy. I respectfully request permission to continue these studies, pretty, pretty please!
I have had many careers such as a chef from a hotel apprenticeship in Boston, a mortgage broker who owned my own brokerage, a massage therapist having attended school full time for 1 year and was certified. I have learned sales including timeshare, auto, home improvement, and telemarketing. I have also written a novel on Amazon entitled “The Reunion”. I want constant kink and attention yet I don’t want my life to be like a stone or some inanimate object, is this possible?