Welcome to my page 💚

I am a lifestyle dominant who seeks out a male sub to compliment my dominance.

I would love to find a man that is SINGLE, between 35-55 yrs, who is confident in his life but who desires to submit to me within a long term loving FLR. A man who believes like me that you can have a vanilla FLR with a complimentary D/s one intertwined to create a fun exciting life together. A man who is comfortable for me to have the final say in all aspects of our lives. In saying this, I’m not a micromanager but will change what I am not happy with and will train you to be my perfect partner. I will provide guidance and understanding and truely enjoy watching how my love and support moulds you into the submissive man you’ve always wanted to be.

I enjoy experiencing first hand how my words and touch affect my sub, having them pamper me, watching them go about their chores, listening to the sounds they make while they suffer for me, revelling in their struggle, marking their body with an implement of my choosing, snuggling, the scent of their body. Every little aspect heightens my enjoyment, pleasure and contributes to creating an easier life for me. I especially love sitting in the kitchen chatting away while watching you cook me a meal. There is just something about a man preparing my food for me that I really enjoy. Therefore only messages from subs willing to eventually relocate are of any interest to me.

Im looking for a man who ‘IS’ submissive, that doesn’t require a certain list of kinks to ‘FEEL’ submissive. As I believe he shouldn’t require a specific act to bring out his submission. There is nothing specific I do to make myself feel dominant because being dominant is a part of who I am. If you don’t understand the difference and you need something specific to ‘FEEL’ submissive then we will definitely not be a match.

A man should be thinking about what he can do FOR me, not what I can do TO him. I am not interested in any form of feminisation including sissification so please do not contact me if this is of interest to you as we will not be a match. I also don’t believe a man should need to be in chastity for me to get his full attention. This again links back in with what I’ve mentioned early about requiring a specific act to feel submissive.

A man whose true purpose/pleasure comes from service, obedience and devotion to his partner is the only kind of man I seek. A man’s sexual urges do not dictate play time, my moods and desires do. If you don’t agree with this, then we are not a match. I expect devotion and commitment in all areas of our lives.

I am naturally a caring nurturer with a twist of sadist. I will love, cherish and care for you while I use you for my benefit, entertainment and pleasure. You are likely to find me in a summer dress at a picnic in the park with my sub massaging my feet.

I do not enjoy cheeky or bratty men, so I seek out a man who craves to be as obedient as possible. A man who strives to learn my wants and needs and eventually anticipate my wishes. I do not enjoy punishing, nagging or belittling my sub as that creates a negative environment and more work for me, not less.

I am only interested in non smoking submissive men who take care of themselves emotionally, mentally and physically. I do prefer to meet someone around my age and preferably child, drama and baggage free like myself. I am attracted to deep voices, broad shoulders and dark eyes but there is nothing more appealing to me than a man who feels that he was born to serve a woman. I do have a soft spot for sweet, shy men who would flourish under my love and guidance.

I am a considerate, self aware and honest person and my relationship will never go the distance if my partner doesn’t possess the same qualities. I am an all or nothing kind of person so I’ll be completely devoted to the process of turning you into my perfect partner, so I seek someone who has the same mind set and who has the time and energy to devote themselves to us.

I am definitely an outdoors person…..hiking, camping, short weekends away or long overseas trips. I enjoy it all as I love to explore places I’ve never been. I enjoy the simply things in life so sitting around a camp fire or having a picnic is much more appealing to me than eating at a expensive restaurant. I’m a down to earth hippy chick who doesn’t own any make up. I love to laugh and am able to see the positive in most happenings.

I love laughter, the planet, trees, fresh food, touching the person I love, being active, being imaginative, dogs, genuine people, thoughtfulness and walking my own path.

Have fun everyone and I hope you enjoy the journey 😊