High functioning autistic possibly with alexithymia. I have some absence of sensory ability in listening to music like other people and being tone deaf I dance with two left feet.
Kind, caring, supportive, resilient, inventive, determined, stubborn, analytical, emotional, romantic, wilful, optimist.
My understanding and expectation is that my Goddess should be sexually aroused before me by through multiple orgasms achieved through my stimulating her clitoris with fingers and tongue.
Beyond that I am open to trying anything new (for me at least) like anal/medical play. Apart from my hard limits like no urine, or shit, I am up for any sex act that can be imagined, and my body will be owned by Goddess so she can do or have whatever she wants whenever she needs it. So that we both have sexual satisfaction through orgasms I would like Goddess to give me blow jobs voluntarily or when I ask for one which will not be denied unless that is her punishment that I have earned.
I have a kink for erotic spanking, but may switch roles from spankee to be the spanker at my goddess’ request; this may be coupled with role-play.
Outside of the bedroom my interests include outdoor activities like hill walking/hiking combined with travelling to exotic places not found in brochures. Dining on good food and wine. Cooking to entertain.