I have an experience of ten years as a submissive. I have been in a long term relationship as a slave and toy to my then Mistress. The Relationship ended a long time ago. I miss the sense of belonging to a Lady.

I am higly educated, well traveled person, Living in Spain after 15 years in the U.S..

I am a widower with no children.

I am looking for a relationship, if possible LTR. I am looking for a dominant lady who knows how to display her feminine power. And don’t be afraid to hurt. The limits can be agreed.

I conceive a relationship of dominance submission as the most intimate relationship between a man and a woman.

A man like me, is not complete if he does not belong to a sophisticated and dominant Lady.

I don’t like to top fron te bottom. I love to earn the praise and punishment of a demanding Mistress, in such moments I am so alive, that I can satisfy any need, desire and whim.

I am fascinated by verbal communication, I like that my Mistress talks to me, imposes her wishes on me, no matter how humiliating they are.

I have a weakness for erotic domination. To think how I am going to be subdued and please my Mistress. I like to please and give pleasure to my Mistress.

Lastly, tell him that I love imagination, to raise the barriers and experience new things.