I am a quiet, peaceful, loving, kind, caring, gentle, compassionate, sensitive, private, solitary, non-judgmental, secure, independent, spiritual, lone-wolf, pansexual, demisexual,, polyamorous, vegan, vegetarian, laid back, easy going, non- consumer of drugs, hippy, non-materialistic, adventurous, non-conformist, honest, patient, respectful, understanding, sincere, truthful person.

I hate lies and will not tolerate negative actions or behaviour. I am not into small talk and not into the so called dating processes and procedures and protocols. I am authentic and that is how I present myself.

I am seeking and wanting a deep and meaningful connection and relationship that allows me to be me and to allow me to be polyamorous. I have chosen to be Polyamorous as I have not been in many meaningful relationships and being pansexual I am attracted to men as well as woman and trans people. I am not the kind to sleep around and would never do this. For me it is all about exploring myself in a safe and consensual manner and within deep and loving relationships.

I am taking a gamble by trying this out but life is made up of little trial and error processes and experiences.

I am being very upfront with what I am so you can decide to engage with me or not. What you will find if you do engage is a person that is no nonsense approach to things. I say what I mean and mean what I say. This is how approach things and life and I ask that you do the same to try to do the same.

I get on best with kind, caring, loving, honest, gentle people.