7 Categories of Behavior & Core Make-Up

Female led relationships are based in the principle of Dominant and Submissive collaborations. A dominant of any sort must first recognize that the submissive must first yield and give their free will to them.  The submissive must have a free will understanding; and the feeling of knowing, that they can trust the dominant to lead them in all categories or agreed upon categories, in the life of the submissive. This is indeed a process. The level of trust and the measure of core commitment from submissive and/or the Dominant; is imperative to the growth of the FLR. It is believed many female led relationships fail due to these quagmires being major contributors to other stresses in the relationship.

FLRs are unique in the sense of a Woman being shown proper reverence for she being the first greatest wonder of the world. Women are wired to bear most all stress infractions such as giving birth, managing family, governing her household including finances, providing nurturing care, career, and having foresight for what is in the best interest of her submissive mate and family…just to name a few life areas. All Dominant women are not created equal and have different desires in her mate. It doesn’t mean that she will choose a mate that is submissive in every aspect of his life. As well, it should not be assumed that all submissive men desiring and choosing to partake in a FLR are submissive men in every facet of their lives. It does mean that these men have chosen to yield and bow to a female authority viewed by them, as having a greater authority than their own.

Over my vast years in the D/s life style, I witness many behaviors and found that the existence of these behaviors and core make-up, is quantifiable. The behaviors and core makeup, are as follows:

  1. Alpha
  2. Sub
  3. Slave
  4. Alpha-sub
  5. Alpha-slave
  6. Sub-Alpha
  7. Sub-slave

It is important for the submissive to discover what type of man he is during the onset of his sexuality journey. It is wise for the submissive to discover if he is a sapiosexual, an emotional sexual, or a physical sexual. These identified behaviors of self-expressions, are relevant to the direct correlation, as to the caliber of Dominant woman the submissive requires for a balanced life of servitude. Duration and longevity of the FLR is affected by these behaviors. The created balance of the FLR gives the submissive an anchored credence for accepting the Dominant’s authority as his practical norm in his everyday existence. However, it must also be noted that it does take trial and error for some to self-discover on both sides of the isle.

Therefore, recognizing my study of the above to be factual and true regarding the 7 categories of the male behaviors and core make-up; we should also recognize that the categories above, identify women as well. This does not usurp the fact of a slave and sub-slave woman; is quite capable of dominating, ruling and governing. Her station may not be as effective as an Alpha woman; still yet, she can infuse enough of her energy with her authority, to provide her sub/sub-slave/slave mate, much of what he is in need of; while having a satisfying portion of her needs met to the measure of being able to sustain and maintain such a FLR dynamic.

There is so much more to this article that won’t be written in this piece. The 7 categories alone are topics to be acknowledged and explored in a more in-depth manner. The purpose for this article was for me, to awaken the basic nature of Dominants and submissives; for the opportunity of discussions and to bring a mindful awareness of knowing and/or learning, about our respective selves, as an individual being/person, first. As the journey of self discovery continues, we each respectively take notice to who we are in the lifestyle of FLR and D/s. Many of us will be shocked to learn of incongruencies that were never previously realized.

I will, over the next few weeks, write and present articles that will identify each of the 7 categories. I am always willing and wanting to engage in thoughts, questions, and discussions on topics presented by way of me, and subjects represented by others.

Thank you for reading.

In Truth

~~~~~~~A Balanced Vibe

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