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Top Ten Benefits of Female-Led Relationships for Women and Men

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Top Ten Benefits of Female-Led Relationships for Women and Men

-- By Laura Holmes freelance writer

     There are plenty of benefits that come with a Female Led Relationship, but I will narrow it down to, what I believe, are the top ten for me and my man. Please keep in mind, an FLR is not always sexual; it could be plenty of other areas in your relationship, as well.

  1. Spice up you love life. This is a pretty obvious one, but it works for all the relationships, from new relationships to long time marriages. Either way, this will definitely, spice it up, make a memory and have your curiosity peaked for the next time.
  2. Fantasy Fulfillment. Men have fantasies, it's a fact. Being able to fulfill this fantasy as a couple will prevent him from seeking its fulfillment elsewhere. He is comfortable in his relationship.
  3. Men contact their feminine side. All men and women have male and female traits, however, men have much more stress and pride to ease into this. Placing him in this role, you will see a different side of him and he will become more comfortable with his feminine side and will most likely bring the two of you closer in your relationship.
  4. Female Empowerment. Another obvious one. The male and female have traded gender roles. This one can go from cooking meals, paying the bills, sex, doing laundry, etc.
  5. Equality. This one follows number four nicely. This is a true demonstration of being equal partners in the relationship. There is mutual trust, respect, understanding and fairness.
  6. Stress Reliever. For him or her. At the end of the work day, typically she would cook, maybe it's his turn. Maybe he's made plenty of decisions at work and wants her to make the decisions around the house. Perhaps, it's sexual and she will lead, to lower his stress.
  7. Strengthens the relationship. Participating in an FLR will show your partner, male and female, another side of you and might make you feel vulnerable. Couples who can overcome their vulnerabilities together will grow stronger.
  8. Improved Communication. Even since my partner and I started our FLR, our communication feels easier. It honestly feels like we are more comfortable and there is less strife.
  9. More fun/Flirting. Our daily phone calls and small talk have certainly become more fun. There are a lot more pats on the butt and nasty secrets exchanged between us outside the home.
  10. Trust. This is probably one of the biggest accomplishments we have shared as a couple. Adding FLR has done a complete turn around and there is 100% trust from each of us!

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